The Orgula Marušići olive oil processing plant started processing olives on October 8.


This year, we expanded the plant by adding additional capacities. The plant now has a new centrifuge, mixers, and mill, doubling its processing capacity to 3,000 kg per hour.


If you have any additional questions or wish to make a booking, please contact us at the following phone numbers: +385 98 425 132, +385 21 867 210, +385 91 211 1774, or +385 21 456 634.


Standard processing costs:

  • EUR 0.25 per kg (HRK 1.88) – over 1,000 kg of olives
  • EUR 0.27 per kg (HRK 2.03) – up to 1,000 kg of olives.


Processing costs for members of the Paićuša Association:

  • EUR 0.23 per kg (HRK 1.73) – over 1,000 kg of olives
  • EUR 0.26 per kg (HRK 1.96) – up to 1,000 kg of olives.


Bookings for the processing of olives that were soaked in fresh or seawater or picked from the ground will not be available until November 15.


Seeing as we have an organic olive processing certificate, we kindly ask any olive growers interested in this particular processing method to emphasize their preference when making a booking.


Anyone who comes to us with less than 200 kg of olives will be charged as if we processed 200 kg of olives, i.e. EUR 54.00 per kg (HRK 406.86).


The minimum weight required for an independent processing is 120 kg.


Members of the Paićuša Association will get a discount upon presenting their valid membership card for the current year.


We also purchase olives and olive oil from others, so any interested olive growers can contact us at this number: +385 91 517 7870.


Finally, as of October 25 our plant will be selling olive oil in bulk.


Thank you for your continued trust in us. We look forward to our cooperation!


Sincerely yours,


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