Olive oil extraction

In the modern equipped olive mill in Marusici, during the months of October and November, olive oil extraction from the local olive groves to the high quality olive oil takes place.

  1. The process begins by cleaning and washing the fruit.
  2. After the fruit is washed, the process continues with grinding the fruit, after which the homogeneous mixture that consists of water, oil and solid pomace is created.
  3. The next phase in the process consists of separation of the individual parts of the homogeneous mass by stirring, then followed by a process of pressing and centrifugation. As a final result, we get the olive oil.

When not in the season of olive oil extraction, our olive mill is open to all the curious people and tourists to who we show our process of getting olive oil through promo movie and presentation by our highly qualified personnel.

The technology used in processing, in addition to possessing the necessary certificates, has secured us numerous awards at all significant olive oil competitions (Nightcrawler, Raspberry, Povenjak …) for the quality of the oil. There is also a bottling plant in the oil mill, where the filling process itself takes place in a strictly controlled environment. In addition to ISO 9002 and HACCP certification, we also have a BIO certificate for organic processing and bottling.